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D&G Property Advice aims to represent solely your interests, while project-managing your dream or goal to buy property in one of the most beautiful places in the world without getting burned, lost, confused or fed-up during the process.

It doesn’t matter if you have already found a property or if you are stuck in the middle of a complicated purchase, or simply exploring your options while you browse the internet or tour your preferred region of Italy looking at potential properties.

We can meet you where you are today, seek to understand your objective or dreams, and with your commitment manage your purchase project as smoothly as possible until you attain your Italian property dream.

We make the process of buying property in Italy simpler, from anywhere in the world.

Who are we?

Daniel Shillito

“Property purchase assistance as an unbiased service for the buyer,  is the missing ingredient when setting out to buy a home or investment property in Italy. We intend to fill this gap and represent solely the foreign buyer’s interest, locally.

Daniel is an experienced international finance professional with a passion for property. Since his career began in 1988 he has accumulated significant experience in managing, financing and negotiating commercial and residential property purchases both within Italy and internationally.

For Daniel, D&G represents an expansion of his goal to continue to innovate and deliver premium services to his diverse range of clients worldwide. Existing clients are used to his expert guidance and advice from a financial services and property investment perspective, and now through D&G Property Advice clients, friends and family have a trusted local partner in Italy to manage property more effectively and achieve their family or investment goals.

Giovanni Orlando

“Our business model is based on unconditional principles and objectivity to provide our clients with peace of mind in a process that is filled with uncertainty. We make the process as smooth as possible and lead our clients down an unbiased path towards international property ownership”

Giovanni is an international finance professional and consultant who has lived in Italy since 2000. The son of Italian immigrants from Palermo, Sicily, Giovanni’s interest in real estate stretches back to his days in college in the US when he added a degree in Real Estate to his Bachelors degree in Accounting. As a director and board member in Italy he has gained significant experience managing the complexities of doing business in Italy.

The decision to establish D&G coincides with his desire to assist foreign buyers in realizing their dream of buying property in the “Bel Paese”. He is fluent in Italian, passionate about Italian living and sharing the natural and cultural beauty of what the country has to offer.

Both G&D have a thorough understanding of the Italian property market, buying process and local business practices, language and culture. We will explain the buying process and walk you through it step-by-step along the way.

We will liaise with all required Italian professionals and contacts, during Italian business hours and in keeping with Italian norms and practices.

We will save you precious time and money and most of all endless potential frustration associated with buying internationally in Italy.


You could say we are a different property business. We are not Italians born and bred in Italy. We are expats, foreigners who became immigrants to Italy (or stranieri, to the Italians that never left Italy). We have learnt alot about property and buying in Italy and the way things are done here, with a combined 28 years of experience.

You will see that we are not a ‘start-your-property-search-here’ business.

We are not:
➢ Sellers
➢ Selling agents or buying agents
➢ Commissioned agents, or
➢ A property listings directory

We are not even in competition with agents. In fact we invite agents to share with us their challenges in dealing with foreign-based clients and stranieri.

How Do We Work

We offer a suite of services and you may need all of them or only a few. It all depends on where you are up to in the process when you contact us, and how much help you may already have, in Italy.

Once we understand your specific needs, we will provide you with a services proposal with a fixed price.  You will have the option of paying for our service either in part or as a whole, at the beginning of our relationship.

We have looked after buyers from all around the world and sincerely look forward to looking after you too, in your quest to buy property in Italy.

Most dreams of buying in Italy are abandoned …

Our clients do not typically have the luxury of buying property in Italy regularly, and the Italian property market it has to be said, is not a smooth and transparent market. So becoming expert at knowing all the tricks and traps to avoid .. is almost impossible to achieve, and a folly to expect.

In our experience most dreams of buying property in Italy are abandoned before a contract reaches the Rogito, or settlement date.

Buying property in Italy is also a time-consuming process that often involves many parties: Agents, Notary, surveyors, architects, lawyers, commercialiste, bankers, brokers, to name a few. There is no coincidence the Bank of Italy advises that it takes an average nine (9) months to complete a purchase.

Taking on such a project by yourself, or solely with the help of an Italian realtor or estate agent, especially if you live outside of Italy, is quite a challenge.

We believe that buying property is a project…

And a project needs management – clear management to a deadline, and a budget, and preferably without bias or emotion. It needs focused management in order to run smoothly, and to meet expectations.

We are focused solely on the foreign buyers interest, that’s YOUR interest, as the buyer or seeker of property, in Italy.

We are your eyes and ears on the ground in Italy, providing an unbiased and integrated service that represents solely your interests in managing your property purchase from beginning to end.

D&G Property Advice assists foreign buyers in realising their dream of buying property successfully in Italy.
D&G is not a real estate agent. We exclusively represent only the buyer’s interest when project- managing the buying process.

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We make the process of buying property in Italy simpler, from anywhere in the world.

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