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Italian banks don’t usually provide pre-approved finance, however you don’t want to become committed to a property purchase and then find out later the bank will not support you. This is why you should engage with your bank or mortgage adviser or broker early in your property search.

You may be eligible for finance and so a bank or mortgage broker can assess your overall situation before you start negotiating, to give you guidance about likely bank support for your financial situation.

When buying in Italy there are a number of fees of which you should be aware.

Costs can be incurred at different times along the purchase process and they can surprise the buyer when they are not informed about all purchase fees.

D&G aims to provide detailed schedules of expected purchase costs to every client, updated whenever there is a change in expected costs.

At some point unless you have savings in Italy, you will need to transfer from a foreign currency into Euros for your purchase transaction

What’s involved in currency transfer? and how can we help?

D&G aims to help you make sure you pay attention to what you transfer and when, to ensure your transaction runs smoothly and any foreign transfers don’t cost you more than they should.

D&G Property Advice assists foreign buyers in realising their dream of buying property successfully in Italy.
D&G is not a real estate agent. We exclusively represent only the buyer’s interest when project- managing the buying process.

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We make the process of buying property in Italy simpler, from anywhere in the world.

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