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I haven't started looking for property yet, but will soon.
  • Have you identified your shortlist of areas to buy? Il mare, the mountains or lakes, a rustic village or perhaps close to one of Italy’s most attractive cities?
  • Some Italian agents provide a property search service, once you have identified your shortlist of needs they can be engaged to search for you
  • Italian agents work for the seller and usually charge fees to both the seller and the buyer for completing your transaction
  • prepare yourself for buying in Italy, see our first 3 tips!
  • Do you need a lawyer ? Read about the legal aspects in Italy, generally.
  • Are you looking for an Italian mortgage to help you buy? read our mortgages guide
I'd like to make an offer, I have a property in mind

Before making the offer, we can advise you on a number of important issues:

  • The offer should be in writing before it will be taken seriously by an Italian seller or their agent;
  • The Proposta is the document containing your offer, and it could contain a legal commitment of a certain deposit required
  • Some agents could supply an English proposta (Offer for the vendor) or preliminare (contract), but many do not. Contact us for help.
I made an offer but the process seems stuck and there seems to be a problem
  • Did you know that when buying in Italy sellers are not compelled to have all property documents in order until after they have your commitment to buy? (as long as they get things in order before closing/settlement day)
  • The Notaio can help you anticipate legal problems in transferring your desired property, even before you sign. You can choose the Notaio used for the purchase in Italy. Read more about the Notaio’s role and how it works.
  • The average purchase can take around 9 months until the Rogito takes place.. so don’t be surprised if things are slower than you expect
I'm not getting any response or finding trouble communicating with all parties

Effective communication is simply the most important aspect when completing a property purchase. You simply must know what you are getting into.

  • In many regions of Italy (especially smaller regions) you will find only Italian language and not much English being spoken. English written by Italian property agents and consultants may also be unclear or copied from Google translate
  • Have you thought of your strategy to overcome potential communication problems ? Do you need help in this area?
  • Have you realised you need to be present or arrange a power of attorney at the Rogito to complete the purchase? If your Italian is not fluent you will also need to appoint a translator to be present. We can help and provide options here (and we don’t charge like lawyers!).
I'm planning retirement to Italy
  • Italy is a great place to retire, so many people we know, agree!
  • Are you aware of the current tax concessions for pensioners or retirees buying or moving to Southern Italian regions? The Italian income tax for new Italian residents is 7% on all of your foreign income income for 9 years, Find out more here.
  • Alternatively, you may be eligible for the New Tax Resident regime for those with higher foreign incomes from investments and business, ask us about it.

D&G Property Advice assists foreign buyers in realising their dream of buying property successfully in Italy.
D&G is not a real estate agent. We exclusively represent only the buyer’s interest when project- managing the buying process.

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We make the process of buying property in Italy simpler, from anywhere in the world.

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