Join the Moving to Italy group on Linkedin.

01 Jan Join the Moving to Italy group on Linkedin.

Planning a move to Italy?

You may be planning a move to Italy for a whole range of reasons.

Are you planning to retire to an Italian lifestyle ?

Looking for a new community where art, culture and passion are lived and waiting to be experienced?

Or maybe you want to secure that holiday home that will keep you coming back to your favourite piece of Italy ?

Perhaps you have relatives here and you want to claim citizenship and have the right to come and go as you please?

Or could it be you’ve accelerated your plans after a tough 2020 ?

Or maybe you want to work remote and take any possible benefit from Italy’s current working tax concessions.

Whatever your reason, moving to Italy or buying in Italy is like starting out on a journey .. you’re going to have many questions that need answering.

That’s why we created this group (on Linkedin)

We’ve spent time building a network to discuss Italy and to provide a full scope of services to help anyone planning on coming to Italy, and this includes gaining information about:

  • immigration and visas ;
  • relocation issues,
  • buying property,
  • expert shipping,
  • dealing with taxes,
  • investing and retirement planning in Italy.

Make the planning process as smooth as you can, whether for you, or perhaps someone close to you, who is also interested in moving to Italy.

Any suggestions ideas or comments you have are very welcome, and will no doubt help others thinking the same or having certain challenges relating to Italy.

See you in the Group!

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