Lombardy might just be what you’re looking for

31 Oct Lombardy might just be what you’re looking for

This landscape has a little bit of everything – rolling hillsides, seaside coves, steep mountains, and sweeping plains, and of course a thriving city (Italy’s most active). Basically, as long as you’re not looking to live in the desert, it’s likely there’s something here for you.

This area is also home to the lakes region, including Lago Maggiore, Lago Garda, Lago D’Iseo, Lago D’orta and of course Lago Di Como.

Yet even with all the sights to behold, it is considered the more modern areas of all of Italy.

In an attempt to address emigration of Italy’s younger workforce going abroad for work, and to attract those same people back, Italy introduced A series of tax benefits for those who come to work or start a business in Italy. If the beauty and vistas don’t pull you in alone, this may be quite the added bonus you are looking for.

This month we focus on the region of Lombardy as we look at some of the most interesting and renowned Italian regions spread up and down the country. The Northern region of Lombardy alone accounts for 21% of Italy’s GDP

Geographically, The region is almost the heart of Northern Italy, bordered by Switzerland to the north, Piedmont to the west, Emilia-Romagna to the south, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige to the east.

Lombardy has a wealth of historical and artistic treasures, as well as extraordinary Alpine and lake landscapes.

It is a region where you can enjoy a long hot summer maybe visiting the famous picturesque Lake Como or Lake Maggiore, and also plan local skiing trips in the winter, or a boat trip and fishing on the river Po to the south in the spring.

Some of Italy’s best-known cities for art are located in Lombardy including Bergamo, Mantua, Como and Milan, with places and sights to see such as the famous Duomo Cathedral and the La Scala Opera Theatre.

The extensive Pianura Padana region, is well known for its wide variety of crops such as wheat, rice, maize, barley, with the region being the first in Italy for farming, with a considerable production of meat, milk and dairy products.

Lombardy is also home to a host of hidden gems such as Soncino, the walled village. Soncino includes the frescoed interiors of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Azzanelli palace, and a museum dedicated to silk housed in a former spinning mill.

Milan is the seat of the Italian Stock Exchange (Piazza Affari) and Italy’s second largest city, in the region where industry and finance are most developed.

Milan has a vibrant spirit and is reinventing itself, with a shining horizon of brand-new skyscrapers dramatically challenging the face of Milan. The makeover includes innovations like plant-covered sustainable buildings, the most famous being the ‘Bosco Verticale'(the Vertical Forest), rooftop gardens and parks, including the areas of Isola (Island) district, Porta Nuova, the city’s new business district adjacent to Isola, which is towered by the gleaming pinnacle of the UniCredit Tower, Italy tallest building.

The average price of residential properties for sale in Lombardy is around 1,795 Euros per square metre, one of the highest in Italy, but well worth it if you consider all that it has to offer.

As you can see, it is a region that has everything to offer and enjoys an extremely high quality of life.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to live, retire or invest in one of the most fascinating and developed regions of Italy, with easy access to some of the most beautiful lakes, mountains and cities in northern Italy, with easy access to International travel throughout Italy and abroad – take a look at Lombardy.

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