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We represent only your interests in Italy.

Buying in Italy is not straightforward, so let us help project-manage your Italian property purchase.

  • we work out the scope of the project with you, from the beginning
  • we have a holistic approach.
  • we make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • we find workarounds when it seems nothing can be done, and your purchase is stalled.
  • every property settlement is different and we are able to respond to changing situations
  • Fees do apply. If you are offered these services for Italy for free, then ask yourself a question: Why is someone doing this for me, for free? is the payer of their service aligned with your needs and goals when buying in Italy?

We don’t charge by the hour and we will never charge you additional fees without discussion beforehand.

Here are some key services we offer:

Why is D&G different ?

Partner Selection

Is this your first purchase in Italy ?

Unsure of who to trust, or which professionals are required in Italy?

  • We can identify and appoint the best property partners for each particular purchase – which is often different depending on property location, the stage of the purchase, your budget and approach of the buyer … and always partners that are part of our valuable network.
  • Ideally your property partners speak both Italian and English fluently.
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Purchase Budget Management

  • Budget creation and maintenance for your purchase, considering all required purchase costs and their timing.
  • Advising you when costs are about to change and the impact on total costs.
  • Advice about property taxes in Italy and how they apply.
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Purchase Advice (international buyer purchase advice service)

  • The relationship between the various Italian purchase contracts and how they are used in Italy
  • negotiation strategy with Italian sellers
  • unbiased advice about how to engage and use various property partners required or optional for your purchase
    (using the benefit of our experience)
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Mediation And Communication Between All Parties

  • Helping you through each stage of a purchase by keeping the flow of communication (both Italian and English) going and meeting both your needs and the needs of all property partners, at each step of the way.
  • Ensuring there are no unnecessary delays or misunderstandings (including those that can arise from important aspects being lost in translation).
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Mortgage Arrangement And Financing

  • Sourcing an Italian mortgage if required.
  • Sourcing alternative forms of purchase aside from cash buying.
  • General advice about borrowing and finance options in Italy.
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Foreign Exchange Transfers & Local Banking Arrangements

  • Advising best methods to transfer money internationally for your deposit .
  • Further purchase instalment payments.
  • Payment of costs.
  • Mortgage payments.
  • Rental income.
  • Local bank account administration.
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D&G Property Advice assists foreign buyers in realising their dream of buying property successfully in Italy.
D&G is not a real estate agent. We exclusively represent only the buyer’s interest when project- managing the buying process.

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We make the process of buying property in Italy simpler, from anywhere in the world.

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