Podcast: About Moving to Italy

27 May Podcast: About Moving to Italy

This podcast was created recently to share advice and insight about life in Italy, living in Italy, what to expect when moving there, and to help others appreciate a few of the social and cultural differences you might expect.

We* were asked during the podcast to comment on many different aspects of Italian life that would be important if you want to live in Italy, for example ;

  • The importance of setting realistic expectations and having a clarity of purpose for your move
  • The financials including tax incentives for foreigners
  • What you need to know about property in Italy
  • The range of visas and the importance of seeking professional support
  • How to look after your health
  • Factors to consider in relation to education if you are moving with children
  • Expat partners – the challenges and opportunities.

*In this conversation created by Louise Wiles from Thriving Abroad, together with Isabell Guidastri we talked at length about moving to Italy, and what it takes to create happy and fulfilled lives in Italy

I hope you enjoy it and moreso take something valuable away with you.

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