The adventure of the One Euro Home

20 Jan The adventure of the One Euro Home

Buying a one euro house in Italy is surely like starting an adventure, have you ever thought about it ?
Very likely, it’s not going to be anyone’s first home, or even second home, but an investment into an adventure.

One that will require alot of learning and hard work, but an adventure that can create unique experiences within historic and captivating villages that are looking for an injection of people with ideas, time, and a willingness to contribute to the local community.

The pandemic and global uncertainty has kickstarted or brought forward interest in buying in and moving to Italy, … and you will need a plan to get there.

Even Tuscany has some 1 euro homes available (see article link below).

It’s important to note that home ownership does not provide any rights to reside in Italy for longer than a tourist visa provides – so you will need a separate visa, or citizenship, or being descendant from or partnered with an Italian citizen, to start your process.

How’s your plan going?

If you want to hear more about this, listen to this excerpt from the radio show, Radio Night Live with Kevin McCullough, in which I was a guest speaker and spoke more in depth on this.

To view mentioned article from above, follow this link;

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