Why Buy Property in Italy?

15 Feb Why Buy Property in Italy?

This article was featured recently in Italy Travel and Life magazine.

Italy is such a diverse and beautiful place to be and to live, it’s no wonder you’re interested. Whether to retire, holiday for longer than one summer, or move for a better lifestyle and work environment, Italy has alot to offer.

Here’s 3 reasons why more people today are considering  moving to Italy (aside from Italy’s climate, abundant and diverse nature, living culture, lifestyle and costs of living, food, wine and attractive retirement options, that is!) 

1) Taking a different path after Covid19, Brexit, and perhaps political divisiveness. 

People are wanting to get away, and are accelerating plans to do so. There is a distinct trend away from big city metropolis living and overcrowded areas.

2) Remote working is possible. 

Italy has fibre-optic broadband in nearly all cities and many smalltowns and the pandemic has spawned a reverse trend wherein many Italians are moving back to the south from their jobs in the north (when typically it’s been in the other direction for a long time).

Communities in the south are experiencing renewed interest, an injection of youth and there is real potential to grow anew. You can take part in helping Italy recover and grow.

3) Italy has introduced substantial tax concessions for new residents

For example, for new residents who come to work, in Italy,  70% of employment income is completely exempt from income tax for 5 years. There are greater concessions for professors and researchers and for those moving to a southern Italian region. This concession can also be extended beyond 5 years for property buyers and families. 

For new resident-pensioners the tax on all foreign pensions and other foreign income is currently reduced to a rate of only 7% for 9 years, when an incoming retiree moves to a smaller town in southern Italy.

And For High income and wealthy new residents, they can elect for an alternate tax regime. It provides for a fixed maximum annual tax payment with no obligation to report any further income or assets from activities abroad.

How should you go about Buying property, in Italy ?

The usual way? Or what about getting personalized treatment to manage the process with you (or really, alongside you).

Why is this relevant and important?

  • The Italian buying process is complex
  • The Italian buying process is not timely. The average purchase process can take 9 months. 
  • The Italian buying process is not efficient

D&G PROPERTY ADVICE project manages the purchase process on your behalf. 

D&G is a project management consultancy, and we represent only the buyer in the process of buying a property in Italy.

You can potentially save yourself considerable time, as well as a lot of discomfort and stress, by having a partner on the ground in Italy working only for you. D&G will coordinate your purchase project, and manage the technical, legal and administrative processes on your behalf. 

We make the process of buying property in Italy simpler, from anywhere in the world.

D&G Property Advice assists foreign buyers in realising their dream of buying property successfully in Italy.
D&G is not a real estate agent. We exclusively represent only the buyer’s interest when project- managing the buying process.

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We make the process of buying property in Italy simpler, from anywhere in the world.

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